Composite Fencing: A Primer

Why Choose Composite Fencing: The Advantages of Installing a Composite Fence

A Brief Introduction

In the realm of residential and commercial fencing options, composite materials are gaining increased popularity. In large cosmopolitan areas like Chicago, fence builders are seeing a surge in requests for these types of fences. The reasons for the rising popularity of composite fencing are numerous, which we will delve into as you read on.

Robust and Durable

In the face of Chicago’s variable weather, composite fencing proves its mettle. Its composition—mainly of wood fibers and recycled plastics—gives it a unique strength and durability. Unlike traditional wood, a composite fence in Chicago endures the punishing cold, heavy snow, and hot summers without deteriorating or losing its aesthetic appeal.


If you’re environmentally conscious, composite fences should be your go-to choice. The production process of composite fencing materials reuses plastic waste, providing homeowners a green alternative to traditional wood or metal. Choosing composite fence material contributes to waste reduction and efforts towards a greener and more sustainable environment.

Easy to Install and Maintain

composite fence installers in Chicago applaud the ease in which these fences can be installed. Less time-consuming than traditional fencing materials, composite fences are pre-engineered so that they seamlessly fit together. After installation, maintenance is a breeze, with most composite fences requiring just an occasional wash to retain their clean, polished appearance.

Cosmetic Appeal

In addition to their practical benefits, composite fences also offer a wide range of colors and designs. They can mimic the rustic charm of wood or the sleek sophistication of wrought iron, all the while being much more durable and weather-resistant. This variety allows you to choose a composite fence that matches your aesthetic preferences and complements the exterior of your building.


Despite having a higher upfront cost compared to wood, in the long run, composite fencing is more cost-effective due to its minimal maintenance needs and longevity. It won’t warp, splinter, or require regular staining or sealing, saving you time and money in maintenance costs.

In conclusion, the advantages of installing a composite fence range from its durability and cosmetic appeal, to ease of installation and minimal maintenance needs. Not to mention, the eco-friendly aspect is an additional bonus. When deliberating on fencing options, I urge you to consider the compelling benefits of composite fences.

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